From calming Yin to Empowerment Flow, find the perfect class for your practice.


Hot Hour of Power

strengthen. renew. purify.

Get ready to sweat, move, and breathe in YAT’s Hot Hour of Power. This high intensity class will give you a blend of cardio and strength, by combining a mixture of longer holds and breath to movement sequencing . Challenge yourself, with an opportunity to test perceived limits and take your practice to the next level.

Warm Yin Yang

nourish. restore. let go.

Warm Yin Yang is the perfect opportunity  to reconnect to you. Come experience the bliss of your own beautiful breath in this rejuvenating practice and remember what it is to simply be.

Hot Vinyasa

rhythm. fluidity. breath.

Come envelop yourself in breath, heat, and movement in our Hot Vinyasa flow. This high intensity class of constant movement, offers you the space to forget about your day and just go with the flow.

Funky Flow

inspire. play. transform.

Be like Madonna and “express yourself” in our creative and fun, Funky Flow. We will move differently every time in this unpredictable yoga practice. Funky Flow holds true to the Tiffany’s way of never taking life too seriously; as we play, move, and laugh.


replenish. cleanse. rebirth.

Remove the “Mean Reds” and connect back to your natural state; a state of love, peace, and joy. We will physically and energetically twist the toxins right out of you and move you into the present moment. Be prepared to drip with sweat and move your body like never before!

Empowerment Flow

invigorate. rejuvenate. evolve.

Unshackle your paradigm and realize you are possible in YAT’s Hot Empowerment Flow. This class does exactly what is says, empowers your life on and off the mat into your everyday challenges. Increase your yogi stamina with our mixture of longer posture holds, breath to movement sequencing, and a good ol’ fashioned sweat session in our one of a kind, Fresh Air System.

Slow Flow

fortify. focus. ground.

We will flow slowly, braiding postures together that will open, stretch and restore your body from the inside-out. Don’t let ‘slow’ fool you, by holding postures longer you will tone and strengthen your muscles on the deepest level.

Journey into Power

electrify. joyful. commit.

The ultimate commitment, that yields the ultimate transformation. It heals, detoxifies, and electrifies your body and your mind at their deepest levels. You will find your true strength, your real self, and a new way to live, that is both authentic and beautiful.