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Our Classes

Whether you need a pick-me-up or a pause button, we have a class that serves you.


Hot Hour of Power


Get ready to sweat, move, and breathe in YAT’s Hot Hour of Power. This all-levels class will combine longer holds and breath to movement sequencing. Teachers will offer the option for more dynamic postures, but the sequence will be accessible to every level of practitioner. Challenge yourself, test perceived limits and power up your yoga practice.

Yin Yang


Yin Yang is the perfect opportunity  to reconnect to yourself. Come experience the bliss of your own beautiful breath in this rejuvenating practice and remember what it is to simply be. A balance between Yin and Yang, discover your strength and build inner-heat, while relaxing, releasing and deepening.

Vinyasa Flow


Come envelop yourself in breath and movement in our Vinyasa flow. This high-energy class with continuous movement creates a space to forget about your day, and go with the flow. The teacher will lead you through postures quickly, with an emphasis on the breath. It is best to have an understanding of foundational yoga postures before taking this class, as there will be less emphasis on form. Classroom temperatures will vary, please see schedule for specifics.

Funky Flow


Feel the freedom to express yourself in our creative and fun Funky Flow. We will move through funky transitions and shake it up every week in this unpredictable yoga practice! Funky Flow holds true to the Tiffany’s way of never taking life too seriously as we play, move, and laugh.

Hot Detox Flow


Disconnect from the outside world, and reconnect to the natural body of love, joy, and peace. We will physically and energetically twist the toxins right out of you and move you into the present moment. Be prepared to drip with sweat and move your body like never before! All levels are welcome to attend this class.

Empowerment Flow


Unshackle your paradigm and realize your unlimited possibilities in YAT’s Hot Empowerment Flow. This Level 2 style class does exactly what is says, empowers your practice on and off the mat. Level up your practice and increase your yogi stamina as instructors guide you through more dynamic postures, arm balances, and inversions.

gentle Flow

presence. gratitude.breath.

Excavate areas of dull energy with gentle movements and thoughtful flows in this 60 minute Gentle Flow. Gentle Flow enhances patience and love for your beautiful body and breath, as gratitude fills the lungs and moves you into present moment. Gentle Flow encourages focus on form and sensation as we braid postures together to open, stretch, and restore your body from the inside-out. Slow down your day with this gentle and unheated class.


challenge. power. strength.

Sculpt is for the sweat-seeking yogi looking for a high-vibe challenge. Vinyasa-style breath to movement connection paired with hand weights, high intensity moves, active guidance provided by your Sculpt instructor and a playlist that will energize and rejuvenate you, on and off the mat. Sculpt is suitable for all levels and modifications are provided for newer practitioners, all you need is the mantra, ‘I can do anything!’. See schedule for details - class temperatures vary