Come and breathe into a journey of awakening and strengthening your mind, body, and spirit with our YAT instructors.


Stacey Allen

Stacey will kick your butt with a smile, and inspire you with her motivational mantras. She takes yoga from the mat to day to day challenges and encourages her students in every practice.


Karli Blalock

Karli’s unique yogi spirit creates a class vibe of calming and inspiring energy. Her in depth knowledge of both eastern and western yoga methodology, reveals her dedication to the practice, as she brings her students the best of both worlds.


Lauren Broiler

With Lauren, you get it all. Her creative transitions and CorePower attitude will push you to a level of determination and purification! Power, strength, positivity; you leave feeling satisfied and ready to take on the day. Come ready to sweat!


Shane Cooley

Shane combines his rock and roll attitude with yoga in a revolutionary way, as he leads you out of your head and into your body. The most creative (and sweaty) part of your day will be spent on the mat, moving to one of Shane’s specially crafted playlists, never ceasing to inspire.


Sarah Gage

This Baptiste Guru will have you in poses you never imagined, as she confidently leads her students out of their daily grinds and into their bodies. Her can do attitude and helpful bits of life advice will have you omming all the way home.


Mark Gray

You may as well be a batch of Mark’s homemade Pepper Jelly, after one of his classes! His wise words and thoughtfully directed classes will leave you feeling light and loved.


Adi Mcasland

Adi’s creative and authentic flows will take you on a vacation from your daily stresses, as you move to encouraging words and positive music. Her dedication to the practice is evident, as she pushes her students to their yoga edge.


Brenda Phelps

Brenda never takes herself too seriously, and because of that, her students have the permission to not take themselves too seriously either. You will feel the freedom to move, sweat, and wobble in this, well-rounded, refreshing practice.


Gina Roden

Gina’s methodical classes provides clear and concise instruction, no matter the level of yogi. She will walk you thru every state of the posture, providing a flow in the peaceful present moment. You will leave her class both, physically and spiritually satisfied.