YOga for beginners; restorative; yin yang; funky flow; loose weight; love your body; breath. sweat. flow.

our Teachers

Sweat yourself clean with our skilled and experienced instructors, as they gracefully guide your body, mind, & spirit through a diversified journey of awakening & strengthening.

Tiffany Porte Woodruff Owner Flexible Yogini

Tiffany Woodruff

With over 1000 hours of training in yoga asana, Thai Body Work, and meditation, Tiffany will lead you thru a journey of reconnection and breath with her thoughtful and fire-burning flows. Prepare to learn and understand the poses like never before, in one of Tiffany’s expertly-sequenced, sweat-fueled classes.

Karli Blalock Yoga+Stretch+Workout+Sweat

Karli Blalock

Karli’s guides your mind, body and spirit with wisdom and power. Her confident and encouraging voice will become your own, as your body moves and connects in ways like never before. With training in Hatha and Vinyasa, as well a study in Yin and Kundalini, Karli’s in-depth knowledge of Eastern and Western yoga methodology brings you the best of both worlds, on and off the mat.

Alexa Gomez Yoga Candlelight Flow

Alexa Gomez

The one & only Alexa: a beautiful soul, a radiant spirit, a voice that could only be inspired by angels. Her grounded and musically-sequenced flows will have you relaxed and ready, whilst nice & sweaty! Catch a curated playlist and themed flow the Third Thursday of every month with Miss Alexa Gomez.

Stacey Allen Hot Hour of Power

Stacey Allen

Stacey will kick your butt with a smile, and inspire you with her motivational mantras. She takes yoga from the mat, to day-to-day challenges and encourages her students in every practice. Don’t let the smile fool you, this Mama knows how to challenge the body with unique movement, fun flows, and master cues and adjustments. Spend your lunch break, breaking a sweat with Stacey!

Adi McCasland Run Yoga Eat

Adi McCasland

Adi’s creative and authentic flows will take you on a vacation from your daily stresses, as you move to encouraging words and positive music. Her dedication to the practice is evident, as she pushes her students to their yoga edge with humor, encouragement, and challenge. Head over to Adi’s vegan blog, Run·Yoga·Eat, and enjoy the gifting of this well-rounded, spunky yogi.

Mark Grey Sunday Yoga Stretch Workout

Mark Gray

Whether he’s gardening, sharing his delicious Bread & Buddha pickles, or teaching a class, Mark Gray is as charismatic, as he is generous. His compassion and confidence fill each and every one of his well-planned classes. Pairing subtle movement with challenging postures, Mark will have you feeling powerful, light, and loved!

Lauren Broiler Core Power OKC

Lauren Broiler

With Lauren, you get it all. Her creative transitions and power yoga sequences will push you to a new level of determination and purification! Power, strength, positivity; you leave feeling satisfied and ready to take on the day. Come ready to sweat!

Gina Rodman Meditation Hot Yoga

Gina Roden

Gina’s methodical classes provides clear and concise instruction, no matter the level of yogi. She will walk you through every state of the posture, providing a flow in the peaceful, present moment. You will leave her class both, physically and spiritually satisfied.

Nova Phu Kripalu

Nova Phu

Nova is as knowledgeable, as she is flexible when it comes to life and yoga. Graduating from the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Nova brings wisdom and movement to every one of her highly-meditative flows. Your body, mind, and spirit will reap the benefits of Nova’s calming spirit and strong practice.

James Seagraves Lifetime Fitness

James Seagraves

Prepare to smile and sweat with James Seagraves, as he offers creative cues and a can-do, infectious attitude. James loves being a student and has a wide breadth of training to call upon. Combine this wisdom with his playlists and aromatherapy, and you will be feeling all sorts of mellow. A class with James will fill your yogi tank to the brim!

Brenda Phillips Yoga Breath Meditation Loose Weight

Brenda Phelps

Brenda never takes herself too seriously, and because of that, her students have the permission to not take themselves too seriously either. Brenda has completed trainings in the Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Baptiste styles of yoga. In Brenda’s well-rounded and refreshing class, students feel the freedom to wobble, sweat, and fly.


Kathryn Walker

Having nearly completed 500 hours of certification, Kathryn will expertly guide you through a strong sequence, balancing breath, body, and mind. With Kathryn’s graceful and spirited energy, and her knack for vibey 70s playlists, time will fly by as you flow and groove through her classes. Kathryn has a special ability to transform and elevate your mood.